Job, Resilience and Media (Berlin)

Country: Germany

Region: Berlin / Wedding

Project Title*: Job Perspectives and Social Resilience - Youth in Berlin Discover their Creative Potential (Film and Radio)

Project Duration: September 1st 2014 - April 30th 2015

Cooperation with: Willy Brandt - Oberschule, Kulturen im Kiez e.V., Haus der Jugend Mitte, Matthias Luthardt (french exit), Josephine Ehlert, Bernhard Strubel, Traumfängerfilm

Funded by: European Social Fund (ESF) - Lokales Soziales Kapital

Status: closed

Project Summary:

Young people need support in orientation as regards job perspectives and social competence. Therefore, Culture for Peace gUG strengthens youth on their path to work while at the same time fostering their knowledge and competence to act responsible in a globalised world.

Youth in Berlin (Wedding) often face difficulties to access sustainable professional qualification. Wedding, a Berlin district, is a socially high-sensitive area and is categorized as an area with "special development needs" by city authorities. A gap in professionally oriented incentives for youth in consequence often leads to poverty, unemployment and crime. Some hotspot schools in the district since recently don't ask pupils for mandatory internships accompanying school curricula. Creative potential and job perspectives in the cultural and creative sector are only randomly encouraged by schools and parents beyond art class.

To strengthen career perspectives of young people in such circumstances is a basic condition to increase their sense of personal security when it comes to future outlooks etc. If a young person feels safe depends on factors beyond material safety and job perspectives as well. Particularly family structures and social environments influence certain mindsets and social networks. These mindsets and networks again decide, if a person feels rather safe or threatened regarding the challenges of life.

The project therefore aims to contribute to activate youth for the job market with a focus on creative industries while strengthening major skills and knowledge to increase their professional qualification and orientation. At the same time, the activities include a playful training approach in order to look into the subject of personal resilience to all day experience and insecurities. Where do I feel threatened and where and how do or could I feel protected and supported?

After having reflected on these issues in trainings which use interactive theatre as a method, the participants will develop a topic related film under supervision of the well known filmmaker and trainer Matthias Luthardt. A radio show will be produced in line with the film production. At the end of the project, a final product will be presented at an event in Berlin. All participants will be placed in internships.



  • Career orientation and activation of the participants for the job market (creative industries)
  • Strengthening of vocational skills and key qualifications to enhance professional qualifications of the target group
  • Placement of the participants in internships (media, arts, social work)
  • Strengthening of self-confidence, participation and awareness regarding the importance of mindsets and relationships
  • Transfer of an idea of social engagement, creativity, global learning and basic knowledge in non-violent communication
  • Networking of local actors



Youth Discover their Creative Potential: Making of from Culture for Peace on Vimeo

This Making Of was produced by Culture for Peace in 2015. It nicely shows the joy and fun the participants enjoyed while being trained by Josephine Ehlert.


Short Film: Handy Her! from Culture for Peace on Vimeo.

Short film with school kids and a teacher about their reality in German class rooms. Kids were creative in front and behind the cameras. Great stuff!