Culture for Peace gUG - registered in Berlin, Germany - is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2009. Our mandate includes the support for marginalized groups worldwide through the advancement of culture and art.

Art can be a powerful tool in processes of social change and conflict transformation. The unique power of aesthetic forms of expression, creative activity and communication contributes to tackle fixated, destructive patterns of thought and behavior. It can thus help to transform stereotypes and prejudices about the other, which can be deeply engraved in the collective memory of a group. Even in regions of relative peace such as Europe, politics of fear, blame and populism based on group-focused enmity is a real threat, especially in contexts of global crisis (e.g. financial and system crisis, fear of terrorist attacks). In order to constructively face such tendencies and to empower marginalized groups both in Europe as well as in post-war societies, Culture for Peace pursues a twofold strategy that includes local and international projects. 


Our Projects

Find out about our current and past projects in Germany and Nepal.

All projects of Culture for Peace support local efforts for non-violent, civil and democratic empowerment while we connect local partners with communities and other change makers regardless of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, age or political background. The predominant focus on community-based needs leads to subsequent development of local capacities and dialogue structures.

Arbeitskreis Kultur und Konflikt

Das Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (ifa) verfolgt die laufende Debatte um Kultur und Konflikt, indem es sich am internationalen Fachaustausch beteiligt und den Arbeitskreis "Kultur und Konflikt" unterstützt. Raphael Vergin (Geschäftsführer) vertritt Culture for Peace gUG bei den regelmäßigen Treffen. Die Grundlage der Auseinandersetzung ist das in diesem Arbeitskreis gemeinsam erarbeitete Mission Statement.