Building Relationships

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The world is in crisis. There is a strong need everywhere to feel more secure and safe. But security is more than increasing weapons, fences and survey cameras! Security also means a subjective feeling of security - a state of well-being, (inter-)connectedness, confidence and intercultural / intergroup understanding. This subjective dimensions of security, including a person’s emotional management, can be trained. Security needs SECURING CITIZENS - people who discover their potential for agency in crisis, their visions, values and convictions. They wage conflicts constructively and comprehend personal development as benificial for the whole society.

Strong and healthy relationships and relationship building contribute to

  • transformation of destructive mindsets and attitudes
  • advancement of inter-group relations and understanding
  • better emotional management and resilience in crisis
  • conflict resolution skills
  • more wellbeing and health
  • sustainable transformation of society

To contribute to strong and healthy relationships, we offer and provide

Trainings and Workshops in "Peace and Security Education" (Securing Citizens) including methods

  • Interactive Theatre
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Mindfullness Practice

Dialogue & Mediation (see also Transforming Conflicts)

Community Work (strengthening neighborhoods socially and economically & political education)

Transformative Entertainment (conceptualisation phase)



Our Projects

Find out about our current and past projects in Germany and Nepal.

All projects of Culture for Peace support local efforts for non-violent, civil and democratic empowerment while we connect local partners with communities and other change makers regardless of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, age or political background. The predominant focus on community-based needs leads to subsequent development of local capacities and dialogue structures.